Presenting the best asset ever!

Now you to can own a piece of epic history. That's right, there is now an Algorand ASA for Evil Wulf Industries.

We here at eWi are proud supporters of Algorand (which means we have like $2.47 worth tucked away for safe keeping.) We love it so much, we decided to create our very own asset. Fortunately, because of how awesome the entire Algorand ecosystem is, we were able figure this out and got it done without having to consult with an accountant, a lawyer, or even your mother. (We still love her though)

Do you want to own a new fancy EWI Token? You don't?!? Well, fine then, we will just HODL them all. If you change your mind, get ahold of Wulf. He might hook you up with a few if he is feeling generous. Need to know how to contact him? Ask your mother, she knows.

Primary Note: Ownership of EWI Tokens entitles you bragging rights over your loser friends that don't have any.
Secondary Note: Ownership of EWI Tokens entitles you to nothing other than items mentioned in the Primary Note.