EvilWulf Industries

Founded in 2005, Evil Wulf Industries, often abbreviated as eWi, is not an actual industry or even a legitimate business. We have no customers or clients. We create no goods and provide no services (unless you count sarcasm and trolling). We have no long term business goals and serve no beneficial purpose to society, but yet here we are.


EvilWulf, or just Wulf for short, is just another nameless, faceless shadowy lurker of the interwebs. He does stuff, he does things, and he goes places. He uses the Oxford comma and apparently refers to himself in the third person. He also holds many opinions that may or may not be politically correct. He speaks his mind, to hell with your feelings.

The Wulf Pups

These little rascals are small and covered with fur. They excel at causing trouble and getting in to mischief. If not for their constant playful interruptions and nuisance barking, Wulf might actually get something constructive done... Maybe.


LadyWulf is Wulf's number one lady. Wulf assures us that she is intelligent, attractive, funny, and totally real. It is speculated that she is likely the brains behind most operations here at eWi. However, given the complete lack of her online presence, many doubt the veracity of Wulf's claims that she actually exists.