hey @NeonRevolt, did you get that thing i sent you?


So, I have completed the initial stage of production of a WordPress plugin that auto posts new blog entries to Gab. I still have a couple things to add so that other people can use it, but it seems to be working pretty well at this time. If you are here from Gab, then that means it worked perfectly.

Hit me up on Gab if you are interested in using this plugin on your own WordPress site.

Evil Wulf


Here is an odd little series of events…

I noticed yesterday that I had gotten a large amount of traffic from a thread on a website I had never heard of. Naturally curious, I investigated and found a couple of posts about my work. (Yay me! Internet famous!) Needless to say, I quickly joined up and began discussing the QClock with the posters there.
(Special shout out to crankyoldman, IAMTAT, RelSciHistItSufi, and carewemust for making me feel welcome and providing me some insights as I continue to develop QClock.)

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