it is TIME for an announcement

So, I’ve hinted at a new project in the works. If you were paying attention, you might have already figured it out. The bigger and better follow up to QCipher, is none other than QClock.

First off, some background for the concept. Check out this post by NeonRevolt for an explanation of the clock according to Q.

And here is a well put together graphic to help you visualize it:

As illustrated, certain days line up with each other, but also, the minute of the timestamp of a Q post seems to be relevant as well.

Take the latest post by Q (the first post after almost two weeks of silence):

The timestamp: 14:58:29. Notice the minute: 58

Also, the hour (14, 2pm in a 12 hour clock) matches the position of 6/3 on the graphic.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but Q comes back after a 12 day absence to make a post at the exact hour and minute that corresponds with that specific day on the clock. Big coincidence? Are there any coincidences when it comes to Q?

We also see that 58 lines up with 4/4, a day that Q posted 20 times!

But Q mentions a WEEK to remember.

So let’s remember the week with 4/4 in it. Looking from Sunday, April 1 to Saturday, April 7 you’ll find around 80 posts! All kinds of big revelations and predictions of things to come! If we read through those, we see…

Sorry… I got really distracted by digging into Q and forgot what I was doing.

Oh, yeah! I remember. I was announcing QClock. Basically, I am writing an app that uses the clock to line Q posts up. Move the clock to see all the posts from the days that correspond to that point on the clock. Highlight a timestamp minute and look into the posts that match to those days on the clock. Basic concepts, but I feel like it will be a YUUUGE asset to anyone doing Q research.

I hope to have this finished soon, so stay tuned for updates.

Evil Wulf

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