i live…

I’m still here. Just been swamped in real life lately. Finally got caught up on stuff and now, I’m back to work on the QClock.

So what’s coming next in the way of features?

Don’t worry, baby birds, I’ll feed you:

Love me some Blackout.

I can hear you now. “cosmetic changes… big deal… ”

Well, don’t worry. I’m working on some actual updates too. I’m keeping mum about those for now. (Unless you subscribe to me on Gab… then you already know.)

Stay tuned for more details… New version within a week or so. – Yeah… that didn’t happen (note added 7/25/18)

Hey, did you know that you could follow me on Gab? You totally can.

How cool is that? That’s a rhetorical question. It’s obviously very cool.

All of my Q related work is available to everyone free of charge. QClock is and always will be free for all patriots.

However, if you wish to donate to support my work, you can subscribe to me on Gab for just $1.99 a month. If monthly subscriptions aren’t for you,  you could also make a one time donation by visiting my “impressive” video library. Simply view any video and click ‘Appreciate’ to send a single donation.

While both subscriptions and donations are greatly appreciated, they are not required. The only premium content I offer for subscribers is updates about what I am currently working on.

Much love, patriots. WWG1WGA!

Evil Wulf

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