Gab Pro and a QClock demo video

So, I finally went Pro on Gab. This granted me the option to upload video of me downloading and running the QClock to demonstrate how it works.
Apologies if it is a little amateurish… it’s my first attempt at an online video…

Since I went Pro on Gab, you can now subscribe to me for $1.99 a month or you can use the video to “Appreciate” me and send a single donation of however much you want.

I do not require either a subscription or a donation in order to use the QClock. I have no “Premium Content” on Gab except for random updates about what I’m working on, so subscribing has no benefit. All of my Q related work is available to everyone free of charge. I’m only giving you the option to support me if you would like to.

QClock Demo

Here is the full text of the video… in case you can’t read it all:


EvilWulf here.

This is a quick demo of how to download and run the QClock app.

First off, get the, either from my blog or NeonRevolt’s article.

Extract it in it’s own folder. Run the QClock.exe.

The first time you run the app, it will ask you to select a location.

I recommend creating a folder in the location you extracted the zip to.

Then hit ‘Get Q Data’.

The app will then download all of Q’s posts and the accompanying images.

This may take a minute, depending on your internet connection.

There are currently 336 pictures total, about 206 MB of space.

When the update finishes, you’ll find a in the location you selected.

Inside that is posts.json.

This is a JSON file of all of Q’s posts.

You now have your own copy of everything Q has posted.

Hit ‘Ok’ and the app will open.

Please note: The graphic was not created by me.

It came from the anons of

I only included it as a visual reference for you.

In the upper right, the current “minute” and related days are displayed.

Use the arrows to move the minute forward or backward.

Below that are the dates that line up with the selected minute.

Each date is preceded by the “hour” from the clock.

Double click a highlighted date to display the posts from that day.

Use the arrows to scroll through the posts.

You can open as many dates as you like.

You can also open a single date multiple times to view different posts side by side.

When there is a new Q post, click the ‘Update Q Data’ button.

Hit ‘Get Q Data’ to grab anything new.

This is much quicker than the first time you did it.

Use the ‘About’ button for a link to me on Gab and a link to my blog.

Please let me know if you have any issues, feedback, or suggestions.

Follow me on Gab to stay informed about updates to the app.

Enjoy the QClock.

Thanks for watching.


Evil Wulf

11 thoughts on “Gab Pro and a QClock demo video

  1. Hi. Love the clock you created. Thank you! When I do an update after the recent Q posts, the posts are not showing up highlighted or available in the little window in the top right. I see the new (Singapore) images it pulled into the data folder, so I know it retrieved the data, but it doesn’t appear to be linking it to the date so I can access the posts via the clock. Am I missing something? Thank you!!

    • Yes, I noticed this yesterday.
      When you re-open the app, everything should show up.

      I’ve fixed this in the next version which should be out very soon.

  2. Malware detected.
    MachineLearning/Anomalous.95%, C:\USERS\RDBII\DOWNLOADS\QCLOCK (1).ZIP, Quarantined, [0], [392687],1.0.5474

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