Here is an odd little series of events…

I noticed yesterday that I had gotten a large amount of traffic from a thread on a website I had never heard of. Naturally curious, I investigated and found a couple of posts about my work. (Yay me! Internet famous!) Needless to say, I quickly joined up and began discussing the QClock with the posters there.
(Special shout out to crankyoldman, IAMTAT, RelSciHistItSufi, and carewemust for making me feel welcome and providing me some insights as I continue to develop QClock.)

After a while, I posted my last and retired to my den, as evil wulves are known to do.

Today, I figured I would stop back and see if anyone had any more questions for me, only to find that about half my posts had been removed for being off topic and I had received a series of warnings and a posting ban. All in the span of a few minutes, about TWO HOURS after I had signed off.

Note my posting times…

And note the warning and banning times…

The moderator, DontTreadOnMe, had apparently trod all over me…
I sent a message to the moderator asking for clarification as to where I went wrong.
Maybe I missed something.

Interestingly enough, this part of the conversation was considered on topic:

Whatever… too early for drama. Back to work on the QClock…

UPDATE: My conversation with DontTreadOnMe.


I’m very confused by this. In reviewing my site traffic, I found that someone had linked to my blog. That was the topic when I joined the thread.

Then, just over 2 hours after my last post for the night, I receive a series of warnings and a posting ban for participating in a conversation about my work.

What did I miss here?


We don’t allow new members to come to ATS to promote their work or their site.

That is for members in good standing, after they get Owner approval.
And, you cannot have a username that is the same as your website or FB channel, or similar.

Did you read the T&C?
Terms and Conditions


Oh, I do so love to be difficult… Lets have a look at those terms and conditions.

I don’t see the word similar in the terms and conditions. It says “same” only.

if ("EvilWulf".Equals(EvilWulfIndustries") == 0)
Console.WriteLine("I'll be a monkey's uncle");
Console.WriteLine("Programmers take shit literally.");

Take a wild guess at what gets printed by that statement.
And another thing…
His user name looks an awful lot like a URL with that he is associated with.
Maybe there might be some issues with their Terms and Conditions…

Anyway, back to the conversation…


Technically, my blog site is EvilWulfIndustries which is not the same as EvilWulf. Although, I do own the domain EvilWulf.com, there is no content on there at this time and at no time was it mentioned in any of my posts.
I believe that I did not violate the T&C in that regard.

I did not come here to promote my work.
I do not seek to profit in any way from the work that I do for anything Q related, so there is no need for me to promote it. I gain nothing.

I was responding to someone else who did so and to answer any questions that people had about it. Hopefully, those users did not receive a posting ban for promoting my work as they all seemed to be invested in this community.

I did not start the conversation, I merely joined it.

Me: (a day later)

Since I received no reply, I assume that means that the discussion is over and the posting ban is permanent?


Sorry… been busy IRL.

It means you will have to change your name, IOW reregister with a name NOT associated with your other interests. Then, get permission from an Owner if you wants to push his program, apps or site.

This current account will not be reactivated.


I see. I believe I am going to pass on that.

If I wanted to be monitored and potentially censored for not following some arbitrary “rule” that is really based on someone’s interpretation of it, I’d join Twitter.

Please feel free to mark this account for deletion as I have no further need for it.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

Thus ends our little tale. For the record, the site is AboveTopSecret.com.
In my experience, though brief, the community is very welcoming and engaging. Unfortunately, the moderators are drunk with power and the rules are ridiculous.
Check it out if you like, but you won’t find me there.

Evil Wulf

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