a brand new version of QClock

I stand completely humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response to QClock. I appreciate all the love I have received for it, but just know, that I am merely another cog in our machine. This movement is about our liberty and I am only doing what I am able to do.

That being said, hang with me while I get my big head on. If you liked the original QClock, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I mean, I built this damn thing, and it impresses me.

It is still far from finished, I could probably spend the rest of my life adding to it. I have a lot more that I want to do with it.

Anyways, enough of my yammering… Get to the clock already.

So, first thing you will notice is the nifty little icon I made for it. (For those of you with slight OCD tendencies, you’ll notice it matches up nicely with the QCipher icon)

Next up, the main screen has radically changed:

All kinds of new buttons and whatnot. The function is very similar, so you aren’t starting over completely. You’ll notice the clock graphic is to small to read. That’s because that is a button. Click that bad boy!

Now you can have the clock to look at whenever you want, and don’t have it taking up space on your screen when you don’t need it. Oh, and you can make it as big as you want too.

Next button down is something brand new. We have Search!

Type whatever you are looking for and any posts that contains it within the text of the post will be listed. Click a date to have the post show up. If you double click the date, the window for that day’s posts opens with the selected post showing.

Next up, (or down, since that is the direction we are traveling.) That awesome little ‘Close x Windows’ button. The app does not limit how many windows you have open, be it clocks, searches, or post days, but it keeps track of how many you have and lets you close them all with a single click.

I’m skipping the Update and About buttons, nothing has changed there. Except the dialogs they display are prettier now.

You can still use the arrow buttons to scroll through minutes, but now you can also type in the minute number to get there faster.

In the posts for the day display, I changed the hour preceding the date to instead show the hour and minute of the day according to the clock.

And finally, I added an Always on Top checkbox. I defaulted it as checked, so no matter what you open in your quest for answers, the main console will be right there on top of all your other windows.

So, are you ready for the new version?

Grab it from here.

Extract that zip and rock and roll. Also, if you have QClock already, if you replace the original QClock files with the ones you just extracted, you won’t have to download the data all over again. Depending on your system, you might not even have to tell it where those files are, the new version will just pick up where the old one left off.

So there you have it. The new QClock should be a great tool for you to do your Q research with. It is still Windows only for now, sorry Mac and Linux peoples. I am looking into rewriting it in Java for more universal accessibility.

Hit me up on Gab with any questions, comments, concerns, and/or feedback. While this app is and always will be free, I am offering sneak peeks of new features and versions to anyone who subscribes to me on Gab for the low, low price of $1.99 a month.

Also, if subscriptions are not your thing and you would rather send a one time donation to me, you can do so by navigating to my videos on Gab and drop a tip of any amount you please on one of those.

Neither subscribing or donating is required. I merely giving you the option if you want to do so. QClock is 100% FREE for all patriots.

Much love to all of you.

Evil Wulf

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  1. Nice, thank you! This version is working better on my system, the previous would only open 1 post.

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