qcipher – ravgynib rebz xaveQ

Many thanks to NeonRevolt for the shout out and kind words.

I’ll address the whole QCipher thing here tomorrow.

Even evil wulves need their beauty rest. Especially the old ones.

UPDATE 5/30/18:
Ok, I’ve slept, had a cup of covfefe, and am generally more awake now.
So let’s dive right in.

I saw some speculation about ROT13 and ROT5 ciphers that Q may be using. I have always had an interest in coded messages and ciphers, so I started looking for something in Q’s posts that was encoded.

There are literally hundreds of ROT13 decoders online, but I couldn’t find one that showed all the possible rotations for a string as a single result. So I wrote one.
I also included a reversed (mirrored) version of the decode.

I let NeonRevolt in on it thinking that their extensive Q knowledge could give me a starting point. Neon did a great introduction to the whole thing here.

So, what are we looking for? Basically, jumbled letters and numbers found anywhere that could be from Q. Be it Q’s posts, Trump’s tweets, or random garbled tweets from General Flynn’s Twitter.

Looks like gibberish.
Apply ROT13 and you get this:
Forward: Qtsssps
Reversed: spssstQ

Still looks like gibberish, but the reverse looks like someone might want to tell Q a secret. (pssst, Q)
Probably reaching there, but still interesting (to me anyway).

So far, I have encountered nothing else, but I’ve been busy lately with other stuff and can’t really devote as much time to this as I would need to.

I have a few theories on places we might find something.
In Q’s posts: file names, a specific letter from each line of a post (like first/last/13th?)…
Trump tweets: Misspelled words (maybe the original incorrect letter), unnecessarily capitalized letters…

Any thing like that might be a good place to dig into. If we can find a pattern somewhere, I’ll write some more code to parse out massive text strings and apply the pattern to it.

Side note: D is rotated to Q, so possibly an oddly capitalized D could be the start (or end) of a message string.

Somewhere out there, Q has likely left us a message. It could be huge and earth shattering, or it could be this: ravgynib rebz xaveQ. (That would make my day)

Either way, I’m here to do what I can.

UPDATE 6/4/18:
Probably worth mentioning, I put out an updated version of QCipher.
Info about it can be found here.

Evil Wulf

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