a special counsel theory to mull er… think about

See what I did there…^

Yeah… I’m so clever.

Is Bob Mueller a black hat? Is he a white hat? As I have been reading on this topic, a little bit of a theory has begun to develop in my devious mind.

First, like any good theory, we need a factual foundation to build on.

The Mueller investigation is staffed completely by Democrat donors and has drug on for months longer than it should have with no solid results despite an apparently unlimited scope and unprecedented powers (i.e. FISA warrant for the first few months).

So, with facts established, lets get our theory on:

They are intentionally continuing the investigation (stacked with anti-Trump investigators) well beyond any reasonable point so that there can be no valid disputing when they have to clear Trump. I know it seems unlikely, but there are only 2 reasons I can think of for having such a biased team.
1 – To manufacture “evidence” and frame Trump
2 – To search for an extended period of time and, after finding nothing, are forced to unquestionably clear Trump.

Number 1 seems like what most black hats would have assumed for a while, and therefore would have carried on with their corrupt acts thinking Trump would be out soon. However, it’s been far too long now. If that was the plan, they would have done it (or at least attempted it) by now. The longer this investigation goes, number 2 seems more and more possible.

I’m beginning to feel like the whole special counsel is an intentional diversion. It doesn’t matter whether Mueller is a white hat or black hat. He is being used to distract the Deep State and give the media something to talk about. He may not even know it, someone above him may just be stringing him along, telling him “Keep looking, there must be something you can find to get Trump”.

When the time comes, the investigation will have to conclude that there is nothing to Muh Russia and no one will be able to logically dispute their findings. CNN won’t be able to spin the conclusion into anything different, given the unlimited time and scope the investigation has had.

So there you have it. You’re welcome.

Evil Wulf

1 thought on “a special counsel theory to mull er… think about

  1. This fits with what Q is now saying, IMO. I like the way you put it – white hat or black hat, Mueller now functions as a huge distraction, WORKING FOR TRUMP.

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